Felix Pando

At age of two, he began to practice piano.

At four, he performed at his first classical piano concert.

At sixteen made pop music and one year later signed his first recording contract with a record company with the band La Joven Guardia (˜The New Guard) recorded the first rock album sung in Spanish, and became the number one selling rock group in Argentina and Latin America; they received two gold awards.

He won the award “Racimo de Oro” de San Juan

He composed the Anthem of the Olympic World Games in Germany.

He had produced in Germany and children’s series for Sesame Street.

He worked for the Grey Gruppe Deutschland and produced musical compositions for films, theatre, documentaries.

In 1996 he was contracted as musical arranger for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra DDR.

For Russmann’ Record Studio (Germany) he produced the Germany’s Rock Group BAP

Since the mid-1990's he has centered his attention on music with a function: music that allows the listener to be transported to a relaxed and comfortable state of mind, in other words, well-being music; In this project titled “The Art of Living” he had 2 productions with famous musicians like Andy Narrell and Rodolfo Mederos, these productions are: Paradise Café and Tropical Garden.

At the same time he produced and arranged music for Babies with instruments such as viola, violin, music box and flute, with the appropriate frequencies for the delicate hearing of a newborn.

In 2000 he came to USA and continuous with his very special productions

His productions are around the world:

  • Paradise Café. Perleberg’s Series Art of Living
  • Tropical Garden. Perleberg’s Series Art of Living
  • “Baby’ s First Music” , “Happy Babies” and “Lullabies”, Perleberg
  • Stress-Reduction, Perleberg
  • A Song for You: This compilation is music with relaxing sounds, written and produced by Andy Miles and Felix Pando in Germany.

Felix pando has continued creating products under the same concept: the Well-Being: Smart Tails, series for animals, Pando Babies, series for babies,Einstein Music, Deco Series.

The characteristic of the classical music “This music evokes classical traditions, focuses on formal styles, invites technical and detailed deconstruction and criticism, and demands focused attention from the listener...”, allows us understand Felix Pando’s music concept. His commitment with the well-being set him apart from the crowd.

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