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Felix Pando, creator of Pando Babies series, is an international artist known for his commitment to the well-being of others. This commitment is reflected in this series.

The Pando Babies series finds its foundation in the basis of two important facts. To begin with, the ear is the first sensory organ to develop and is fully functional four and a half months before birth. Secondly, classical music is focused on formal styles and demands focused attention from the listener. Analysis of both of these facts clearly supports the use of this music with babies.

The formal and complex construction of these classical pieces, as well its elements (i.e. its tones, harmonies and melodies) forms an important part in a baby's brain development. This is because babies not only hear the beauty of the music, they also audibly nourish their minds and their imaginations. With Pando Babies they have musical games.
Felix Pando has almost 20 years experience in musical productions for babies. In Pando Babies, he uses the arrangements of instruments such as viola, violin, music box and flute with the appropriate frequencies for a baby's delicate ears. This at the same time helps to enhance and support the network of neurons which is the starting point of their future learning process.

Pando Babies nourishes babies with musical harmonies which engage their listening ability and enhance their intellectual development.


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